The Big Gripper

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photo courtesy taws

You are looking at the gripper bar of a Vandercook Universal III proving press set to print a piece of gray handmade paper. Friend Ali took this pic as she was generously acting as my test pupil Friday at Pyramid Atlantic. Thanks Ali.

You too can view the big gripper at Pyramid Atlantic in these upcoming workshops:

Meet the Press (Vandercook Session) is scheduled for July 26, 6-9pm. You can sign up here.

A more in-depth Introduction to Vandercook workshop is August 11, 10-4pm. That class is here.


In between I’ll offering my regular papermaking fare, Introduction to Western Papermaking on August 5

putty download/

, 10-4pm. Check it out here.

I’m going to try to regularly post pics from and about my workshops here in the future. Stay tuned.

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