Serial Specimens

Update: In 2020 a suite of 36 Serial Specimens was acquired for the David H. Koch Center for Cancer Care at Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York, New York. I'm so grateful to Cade Tompkins Projects for including me in this collection of over 1,250 works of contemporary art. Read more about the project on Art Daily.

About this Project: This project explores ideas about souvenir collecting, memory, and landscape.

Each graphic starts as a hand-drawn illustration, which is then drawn as color-separated films for silkscreen printing. New films are edited as I print, based on how image is forming. Layers sometimes accumulate in unexpected ways--silkscreen printing is like a sedimentary process.

Each is letterpress printed with the name of the geological specimen and sometimes the specific localities from which they were picked or purchased as souvenirs. Others are gifts or trades from friends (a specimen for a print), or came to me from unknown locations.

Multi-color silkscreen prints, letterpress text (Optima Roman, foundry type), 6"x6" Bristol. Edition size varies per image, usually around 10.

Contact me for individual print sales.